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“The Star Law Firm mission is to ensure that a well-informed, prepared and motivated team to always exceed the expectations of all of our Clients and to fully support our Firm's strategy”. Star Law firm experienced team specialise in providing legal services throughout Nigeria and more than 50 other countries like China, Hongkong, Cape Verde islands, Brazil, United Kingdom USA to mention but few through our Partner network program. We have extensive experience handling legal transactions for our clients including but not limited to property and business conveyance, commercial leasing, general property law, wills and estates, legal drafting, business law consulting, crude oil facilitation, vessel registration in over 50 countries, secret or open relocation and general legal advice. We pride ourselves on delivering a prompt and professional service for all legal matters, keeping what is usually an important transaction as smooth, easy and stress free as it should be.
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Maritine and eneryg law,
The Energy and Maritime attorneys of Star Law Firm use their skills and unique knowledge to advocate for, as well as advance, the interests of our clients in the courtroom, at the negotiating table, in the boardroom, and in all aspects of their businesses. Our Energy and Maritime team possesses significant transactionS and regulatory experience, and are well-versed in the dispute resolution process, ranging from mediation and arbitration to litigation and appeals. Our team of experienced attorneys has worked as inside and outside counsel within the industry, with backgrounds and training that complement their practice areas. With that experience, we strive to learn our clients’ businesses in order to help them grow their businesses, as well as advance their interests. It is on record that we give a full range of services on exploration, field development, production, transportation and trading of both crude oil and finished products. These services include, drafting and review of Production Sharing Contracts (PSC), Joint Venture Partnerships (JV’s), advise on acquisition of requisite permits and licenses from Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), NNPC, and other government bodies or agencies charged with the regulation of the oil industry in Nigeria; drafting agreements for the provision of 3D seismic surveys, reviewing lease agreements for oil rigs, purchase agreements for gas scrubbing plants etc. We have also at various times been parts of consortium that have advised and raised funds for development of some oilfields and related projects. We have achieved success for our clients in each of the following areas of the Energy and Maritime field. You will find that from negotiating Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation contracts, to buying and selling vessels, to assisting in navigating the regulatory landscape, to defending our clients in property, contractual, personal injury, and wrongful death disputes, to advocating for our clients at intermediate appellate courts and board meetings. Presently our involvement include; Conducted due diligence on and prepared a Share Purchase Agreement for a client emanating from their acquisition of a stake in a Marginal Oil Field. Advised a client on employee relations via-a-vis threatened union action by their staff. Co- counsel on a crude oil sale transaction. Advised on equipment financing re acquisition of long term assets by a client. The arrest and release of a few ships in Nigerian waters. Mediation between cargo owners and ship owners. The release of cargo owners goods after there was a grounding which caused delays in the delivery. Handling issues of maritime lien arising from the non-payment of crew wages, Drafting of voyage/time charter-parties. Issues relating to general average, marine insurance, ship acquisition and registration among many others.
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Criminal  Defense

applying statute law, case law, and the rules of criminal procedure, among many other factors, to ensure that the rights of a defendant are preserved under the law. The lawyers of The Defenders have received the required training, have shown proficiency to the State Bar to be accepted as lawyers and have the experience with the courts in Nevada to be able to provide a strong and aggressive defense for you if you are charged with a criminal violation. If you have been charged with a criminal violation

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Real Estate law

A person’s estate is considered the net worth of a person at any point in time. Net worth can be summed up as a person’s assets (property of any kind, legal rights, interests) less liabilities. We manage your estate or help to plan for the disposal of an estate, wills, trusts and powerResearching and Estate Planning of attorney are typically established. Doing so reduces uncertainties about the estate’s distribution and helps maximize the estate’s value by decreasing taxes and other expenses.

The first step in the legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate is the receipt of probate. It is the probate court’s role to validate and approve a person’s will. If necessary, the probated will, now a legal document, can be enforced in a court-of-law
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Immigration law

Our forte lies in providing proper guidance and step-by-step method following so that the client gets the complete knowledge on visa processing.At Immigration experts, we aim to provide specialization in migration to foreign countries, advisory services and other immigration-related services in order to help the global community. We have made our niche market in the business by providing expert advice and immigration assistance for those aspiring to settle, work or study Abroad which includes movement of funds and escrow management

Aim of Immigration Experts consultancy is to serve the applicants and executing their dream by successfully allowing them visa. By reducing the stress. We are providing the best service for your delight immigration experience. We are the best immigration consultant in Delhi, Noida for applying permanent resident in Canada, Australia & Newzealand. Contact now
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Family law

  • We manage legal problems between members of the same family. These may include divorce, adoption, guardianship, and emancipation cases. They are responsible for overseeing family estates, monitoring mediation sessions, and offering legal adviceOversee and manage the legal issues that transpire between people that are members of the same family.
  • Supervise and direct mediation sessions, and offer effective legal advice.
  • Organize and record all official documents required to file cases.
  • Coordinate with staff to prepare an extensive brief on each case that goes to trial.
  • Uphold a steady schedule of hearings, court appearances, and conferences.
  • Respond to the urgent needs of clients.
  • Oversee family estates and wills.
  • Attend trials and court proceedings.
  • Regularly update clients about their cases.
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Cybercrime,Scam & Fraud law

We defend victims of cibercrime scams against scammers world wide. We co-operate very close with internet providers, local authoities, Interpol and the FBI. Cybercrime is a serious accusation which can send a person to prison for years. An attorney experienced in the world of cybercrime has some choices when it comes to choosing a defense.

In co-operation with our partners and senior partners we offer legal services to online scam victims.

We defend victims of online scams

Situation painfully embarrassing for the victims

Many victims of Internet fraud do not go after perpetrators for two reasons. To some it's just embarrassing to have fallen into the trap of such fraudsters. Therefore, they abstain from legal action and simply record the loss as an unpleasant "life experience". This is exactly what many scammers will speculate! Yet, no victim of a crime or an act of violence should ever feel fraud is embarrassing! It can happen to everyone and we are always smarter afterwards! Especially in the area of cybercrime and international organizations, major corporations and law firms themselves have fallen victims of undoubtedly skillful and brazen fraudsters and organized gangs. We go after them and recover your funds. Furthermore, in many cases, there is no complaint and no prosecution against the perpetrators because victims assume that the fraudsters cannot be prosecuted in the original countries/sites such as Nigeria, USA, Ghana and Russia.


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