“The Star Law Firm mission is to ensure that a well-informed, prepared and motivated team to always exceed the expectations of all of our Clients and to fully support our Firm's strategy”. Star Law firm experienced team specialise in providing legal services throughout Nigeria and more than 50 other countries like China, Hongkong, Cape Verde islands, Brazil, United Kingdom USA to mention but few through our Partner network program. We have extensive experience handling legal transactions for our clients including but not limited to property and business conveyance, commercial leasing, general property law, wills and estates, legal drafting, business law consulting, crude oil facilitation, vessel registration in over 50 countries, secret or open relocation and general legal advice. We pride ourselves on delivering a prompt and professional service for all legal matters, keeping what is usually an important transaction as smooth, easy and stress free as it should be".


We are involved with a broad spectrum of work, which may be contentious or non-contentious. Contentious work includes litigation and arbitration, debt recovery centering on disputes that arise from a range of corporate, commercial and other transactions. We also advise on the operation and termination of agreements, as well as the negotiation and settlement of disputes before proceedings are commenced, including through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Non-contentious work includes filing necessary documents with relevant agencies to set up your business, outsourcing, joint venture and project development agreements, and manufacturing, logistics and advertising arrangements.


We act for a variety of domestic and international clients – including investors and developers, governments, landowners and public sector bodies – on a wide range of transactions, involving anything from offices to greenfield, oilfields and retail developments, infrastructure projects and the management of shopping malls. The work itself focuses on buying, selling, developing and letting land. This touches on a range of other legal disciplines, including planning, environmental, construction, litigation and tax law. Property may also be a key component to other projects, including mergers and acquisitions, property finance and commercial projects. We operates across most sectors: investment, corporate, banking, insolvency, education, hotels, health, transport, agriculture, charities and private wealth.


We help our clients determine the specific distribution of their estate. We also provide counsel for those seeking to establish a trust where assets are set aside for a future beneficiary. Drafting wills, trusts and other estate planning documents is a large part of their job. We also advise about retirement plans, life insurance policies and charitable contributions. If a case goes to court, an estate law attorney would be involved in litigating the case. In order to be most effective, we have a thorough grasp of state and federal tax laws, trusts, wills, property and real estate. We collaborate with financial managers and insurance specialists. Therefore, good communication, teamwork and strong organization skills are critical. Financial knowledge, such as how to manage a balance sheet allow us to better assist their clients with prudent estate planning. We stay up-to-date with the ever-changing tax laws that could affect the value of clients’ estates.


We use our skills and unique industry knowledge to advocate for, as well as advance, the interests of our clients in the courtroom, at the negotiating table, in the boardroom, and in all aspects of their businesses. Our Energy and Maritime team possesses significant transnational and regulatory experience, and are well-versed in the dispute resolution process, ranging from mediation and arbitration to litigation and appeals. Our team of experienced attorneys has worked as inside and outside counsel within the industry, with backgrounds and training that complement their practice areas. With that experience, we strive to learn our clients’ businesses in order to help them grow their businesses, as well as advance their interests. We have achieved success for our clients in each of the following areas of the Energy and Maritime field. You will find that from negotiating Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation contracts, to buying and selling vessels, to assisting in navigating the regulatory landscape, to defending our clients in property, contractual, personal injury, and wrongful death disputes, to advocating for our clients at intermediate appellate courts. We have experience with the issues you face in your business, and are ready to provide excellent representation for equally excellent value.

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"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it".

We diehard believers and scholars of the Natural law school of Jurisprudence believe that your legal rights and values are inherent in or universally cognizable by virtue of human reason or human nature and that law is the very soul of nature existance like our forerunners and ancestors in the persons of Thomas Aquinas, Francisco Suárez, Richard Hooker, Thomas Hobbes, Hugo Grotius, Samuel von John Locke, Francis Hutcheson, Jean Jacques Burlamaqui, Emmerich de Vattel ,to mention but few. The theme of our legal practice is “NON EST LEX NON VITAM”, which literally means, “no law no life”. To Love is a law which is why essence of legal balance in nature can never be over emphasized. This guiding principle motivates us never to under value the level of professionalism we put in the representation of our clients and your nationality, colour, beliefs, religion or financial capacity is not a yardstick for you here. We understand we were created separately and as we have different faces so is our matters in as much that generalities can be deduced which is why you are sure that you will be handled characteristically. All communication between us is without prejudice, privileged and confidential so feel free to confide in us now for free consultation and evaluation of your matter.



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"...communication between us is previledged and without prejudice so feel free to contact us for free evaluation of your matter".